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a moment of "clarity"

This semester went by really quick. For the first time I didn't want the semester to end so soon because I had to get all my graduate school materials together and mail them all out at once. RPI took forever to reply to my messages about their fee waiver for McNair scholars but I guess it's better late than never. I'm finally done with all that stuff though. Next semester will be just as hectic even though I won't be applying to grad schools; I'll be instead working on Plan B which is finding possible jobs with a Psyc degree in case I don't get accepted to any of the schools I applied to. I'll also have to rush to analyze all my data collected for my Honors Research project so that I can present in a conference in Nashua, NH this coming February. Ah, the life of a poor, somewhat accomplished, college girl.
Now that this semester is over, I literally have nothing to do. I even thought about giving my LJ another layout. I don't know what theme though. I was thinking Hanzel und Gretyl but they're already my Myspace profile theme so something else might be better for my LJ. Josh and I rented "Clerks II" and watched it tonight. It was hilarious, especially with Jay in it.
I know this is kind of random but I'm just going to type my whole stream of consciousness in this entry as cliche as that may sound. I've realized that some of my old friends have changed and don't seem to care about me as much anymore. I guess that's a part of life. People are inevitably going to change and change isn't always good. I did however meet new awesome people and these are the same people that I would want at my wedding if I should get married one day. Maybe I'll even consider two of them to be my brides maids. One of them was there for me since we met two years ago and she was the only one on campus who seemed to care when I got really sick (had the flu for the first time) and got me a "Get Well" card. She wrote that if Josh couldn't take care of me then she would. She said that she'll get me anything, even weed, hahaha. I love her sense of humor. What really sucks is that we only have one semester together before we graduate and head off in different directions. One of them wants to be a lawyer (and she'd make a damn good one too), one wants to be a counseling psychologist, and the other a scientist working with bacteria-phage to hopefully find a cure for cancer. We all live in different parts on the East Coast but at least we all have cell phones and if anything should ever happen with our phones, we have e-mail too. Hopefully we'll all stay in touch after graduation. I'm getting upset just thinking about this so I'll write about something else. I was even lucky enough to meet nice faculty members who were willing to write me strong letters of recommendation for grad schools and they all expressed concern when I walked into the classroom with gauze over my second-degree burned right hand after that cursed day it happened. I guess if I was male they wouldn't have asked because the guy next to me in my physics class had a cast over his left arm another day and no one asked what was wrong. Who knows.
Christmas. Christmas is no longer a holiday I enjoy. In fact, I stopped liking Christmas quite a few years back. Everyone seems so damn materialistic and a holiday such as that only persuades people to buy more crap in an attempt to make people like them better or plainly just show off their wealth (especially those people with all those crazy lighted displays outside their big fat mansion). The only thing I look forward to during this holiday is making crescent rolls. For some reason I really, really enjoy making them. I may even ask Josh's mom for the recipe so I can bake at home or maybe even at Chris's if he trusts me operating the oven haha.
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