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last semester is about to begin

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you can't stop thinking about it? Well I think I've reached that point. I don't know what has gotten into me but ever since I've had that interview with Mark Linder, I've been wondering whether he would accept me or not. There are indications that the interview went well but I really don't know how I compare to all the other applicants. One of my friends in NY asked me what I'd do if I didn't get in. I told him that I would be feel pretty shitty and then feel pissed off afterwards because of all the work I put in just to apply. I really can't imagine what kind of crappy ass job I'd get with a BA in psyc. Yeah it may pay well above what both my parents have ever made combined but I have to be happy with that job, whatever that will be. Maybe I want to get into Syracuse badly because I've never had to work that hard to apply for something I want before. Maybe it's because grad school isn't anywhere near as lame as the undergraduate level. I guess I'll know about my status in the second or third week of March. It's not coming fast enough.
On other news, it's good to be back in NH. It'll be my last semester here and the same goes for Josh, Christine, Liz, Rachel and Laura. One of my other friends e-mailed me and she said that she's excited and scared at the same time to graduate. She said she's excited to get her Master's and yet she wonders where she'll be working and living completely on her own. I wish I can say I'll be getting my Master's by the end of this spring but I'll get there some day. I'm just so proud of all my friends for making it this far and I'll probably cry like a damn emo kid at our graduation.
Anyway tomorrow will be my first day of classes. It'll begin with the two hour long Architectural Studio II class followed by Cognitive Processes. A long day awaits.
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